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Preparing for 2014

In October 2013, the i-Pathways Project will begin rolling out newly updated high school equivalency test preparation curriculum, along with a newly designed and mobile ready course management system.

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What is i-Pathways?

i-Pathways provides adult education programs, companies, organizations, libraries, and students with an online learning adult education and test prep curriculum designed to prepare students for their GED® Test or any high school equivalency exam. i-Pathways is an approved distance learning curriculum for reporting student proxy hours.

Everything you or your students need is encompassed in the i-Pathways project:

  • A placement test will help identify strengths and weaknesses and guide students to the appropriate prep lessons.
  • Each lesson has a learning check with feedback that completes the instructional loop that begins with placement.
  • Multiple communication tools help facilitate instruction and guide students toward their educational goal.
  • Reports that can be used to monitor progress.
  • Engaging and comprehensive instruction in the areas of Reasoning Through Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Consumer Education.

When will 2014 Curriculum be available?

In order to provide users time to learn to navigate our site and explore the new curriculum, the i-Pathways project will begin a phased roll out in late October. The expected release dates are:

  • Late October: Reasoning Through Language Arts curriculum released
  • November: Science curriculum released
  • December: Social Studies curriculum released
  • January: Math and Consumer Education curriculum released
  • March: PreGED® Writing curriculum released
  • May: PreGED® Math curriculum released

How does i-Pathways prepare you for 2014?

The i-Pathways project provides a depth of curriculum based on the Common Core Standards that will help learners build the knowledge needed to successfully earn their high school equivalency credential.

  • The Reasoning Through Language Arts curriculum provides learners with a range of complex texts and materials.
  • The Mathematics curriculum prepares learners to build foundational skills in mathematical reasoning as well as fluency in problem solving and procedural application.
  • The Science curriculum meets the standards for the National Research Council’s Framework for K-12 Science Education.
  • The Social Studies curriculum meets the requirements for the National Standards for History.

Click on the link below to for the full scope and sequence of the i-Pathways project.

i-Pathways 2014 Scope and Sequence

Where does i-Pathways come from?

In 2000, the Illinois Community College Board and the Center for the Application of Information Technologies at Western Illinois University partnered to plan, develop and deploy i-Pathways, a statewide online curriculum designed to provide adult education programs with the tools needed to integrate a distance learning option for adult education students as they prepare for their GED® credentials.

In order to develop the highest quality curriculum and system, master instructors from the adult education field incorporated educationally sound and creative ideas that were translated for an online learning environment. These innovative ideas were developed by the instructional, design, and technical staff at CAIT. The content they developed represents field-tested and research-based lessons, instant feedback exercises, practice questions, and comprehensive learning checks. In alignment with research that indicates the most successful online preparation occurs when a live instructor provides accountability, feedback, and record keeping in the teaching and learning processes, the i-Pathways curriculum is based on a teacher-facilitated method of instruction as opposed to an independent study option.

During the development process, the i-Pathways Team worked with an advisory committee of over 40 members from the adult education field to ensure the system was instructionally appropriate, user friendly and intuitive. The system was piloted through a series of field tests in adult education programs and adjusted accordingly, based on user feedback. Curriculum was developed in conjunction with instructors from the field and professional university-based instructional designers. Each lesson in the i-Pathways system was designed to provide the optimal learning outcomes using an engaging combination of animations, graphics, interactive activities, and instructor facilitated learning.

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Phone: 309.298.1804
Email: i-pathways@cait.org