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The Spanish high school equivalency test provides Spanish-speaking adults with limited English skills the opportunity to advance toward their educational and professional goals. Spanish-speaking students are able to enroll in higher education courses, attend English language classes at a community college, and/or obtain a more secure job. However, local adult education programs offer very few Spanish high school equivalency preparation classes.

High School Equivalency Tests are offered in English and Spanish, but there are limited print digital preparation materials in Spanish. i-Pathways would be the only non-profit organization to offer this curriculum.

With such a small number of Spanish speaking individuals not obtaining a high school credential, their ability to improve their lives is severely limited.

We believe we have a solution.

Our Vision

In order to pass a High School Equivalency Test, a student needs to build skills in Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies / Consumer Education. I-Pathways has full instructional units with interactive learning checks, audio, and video. The content is accessible and responsively designed. As a non-profit organization, we have provided technology-based test preparation for 16 years and provide educational leadership and support for users across the country.

Ultimately, our goal is to secure enough funding to translate the approved and vetted i-Pathway curriculum to Spanish. Below is a breakdown of the costs and goals on a per module basis.



Supporting instructional resources include:

  • Study Aids
  • Glossary of Key Terms
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Worksheets in Math and Writing
  • Extended Response Worksheets

Consumer Education

Building strong financial literacy, the Consumer Education model covers topics such as finding a job, filling out wage forms, understanding taxes, resolving consumer complaints, and many more.


Basic Writing

Preparing students for the written portion of the test, this module includes instruction in organization of ideas, language development, writing conventions, and patterns of development.



Addressing the standards of the National Research Council's Framework for K-12 Science Education, the major content areas in Science include life science, earth and space, and physical science.


Basic Math

Preparing students with the foundational skills in math, this module includes instruction in number sense and introductions to algebraic thinking.


Reasoning Through Language Arts

Using an evidence-based reading approach, this module helps learners build skills in comprehension and vocabulary development through the use of research-based instructional strategies. Passages reflect a cross curricular approach by presenting a variety of complex text in both literary and non-fiction text.


Social Studies

Addressing the requirements for the National Standards for History, students develop the background knowledge and content area expertise to successfully complete the Social Studies exam.



Building foundational skills in mathematical reasoning and fluency in problem solving and procedural application, this module includes instruction in real and complex numbers, absolute values, computation and estimation with real numbers, exponents, radicals, ratios, proportions and percentages.

How you can help

Help our team convert i-Pathways to Spanish in order for thousands of individuals to have the tools and resources to prepare for their High School Equivalency Tests and improve their lives.

Make preparing for the Spanish High School Equivalency Test a reality.