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i-Pathways, a responsively designed and mobile ready curriculum, delivers both online and offline learning options for individuals, programs, organizations, or statewide deployments. Essential study areas include Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Basic Math, Mathematics, Basic Writing, and Consumer Education. Evaluation of learning is monitored through ongoing assessments. Offline instruction is available to a community of users without Internet connectivity through the Oasis system.

Approved by the GED Testing Service and The Education Testing Service for the HiSET™; i-Pathways has a proven record of including College and Career Readiness curriculum that is engaging and meaningful. The essential skills embedded throughout the content ensure students are workplace ready.

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July 28, 2016


You may feel all is lost when you turn on the nightly news. Shootings, race relations, terror attacks, climate change, and mud-slinging in politics are typically what you see within the first 5 minutes of turning on the television or reading feeds in your social media accounts. How can you tie these current event issues to the content covered in the High School Equivelancy exams? After all, the first question a student may ask is, "Do I really need to know this for the test?" Well, I'm glad you asked that question, my friend. Let's just take a look at the items I mentioned above and get ready for News Engagement Day on October 4th and discuss why the news matters when preparing students for their future.