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Basic Writing


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Use a colon…

  • before a list of items. (These are the people I want to see in my office: Rick, Mary Ann, Marla, Wanda, Andy, and Connie.)
  • between the hour and minute in time designations. (12:32 P.M.)
  • in the greeting of business letters. (Dear Sir or Madam:)


Italics are used to express the titles of complete works…

  • Books (Ivanhoe, The Outsiders, Of Mice and Men).
  • Magazines (Good Housekeeping, Health, Runner's World).
  • Works of art (Mona Lisa, Starry Night, American Gothic).
  • Newspaper titles (New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Ames Daily Register).

Instructions: Read each of the following sentences. Select correct if a sentence does not contain an error in punctuation. If the sentence does contain an error in punctuation, select incorrect.

Question 1 of

Learn to spell these words correctly, weird, plaza, restaurant, believe.

I read Death of a Salesman last summer.

My favorite books include the following: The Scarlet Letter, To Kill a Mockingbird, David Copperfield, and At Home in Mitford.

Dear Sir, Please inform me of any changes in your hiring procedures.

At exactly 7:45, you will begin reading the San Francisco Journal.

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