High School Equivalency for Programs and Organizations

i-Pathways is a web-based system that blends self-paced learning, practice assessments, and relevant curricula with instruction in Math, Language Arts (Reading and Writing), Science, and Social Studies developed by expert adult education instructors and designed to prepare adult learners for the GED®, HiSET™, and TASC™. Instruction is appropriate for learners at the ABE level through the ASE level. Students, instructors, and program administrators can access i-Pathways with any device, including desktop computers, mobile phones, tablets, and laptops that connect to the Internet. Engaging content housed in a robust system ensures that programs can deliver instruction at-a-distance, in a blended learning environment, or as a classroom supplement.

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High School Equivalency for Individual Students

i-Pathways is an online curriculum that provides students with the opportunity to set an individual study schedule and prepare for all portions of the High School Equivalency Exam. Each content area includes multiple lessons, activities, and learning checks to assess your skills. Math begins with understanding place value and goes all the way to understanding quadratic equations. Writing begins with understanding sentences and guides you all the way through being successful with essays. Science and Social Studies covers all the content needed to be successful on these portions of the exam. The program works on any device you have that will connect to the Internet. This includes desktops, cell phones, or tablet devices.

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Correctional Classroom Deployment

i-Pathways Correctional Education is offered at correctional facilities and county jails throughout the country. Using a secure network, students and teachers can connect to i-Pathways and use the robust and engaging curriculum. With hundreds of lessons, practice assessments, and student tracking, i-Pathways proves to be an accessible and valuable addition to the adult education classroom.

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i-Pathways Oasis: Offline Deployment

Understanding that many correctional facilities or remote locations may struggle with Internet access, i-Pathways Oasis is an innovative solution that delivers all of the i-Pathways curricula, features and functionality to your computer lab environment on a single, unique device. Students can wirelessly connect to the device and access the i-Pathways system and curricula. Students can complete assessments, engage in all the instant feedback activities, and prepare for their High School Equivalency Exams. Teachers can track student progress and provide feedback.

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Home Schooling

i-Pathways offers an online, robust, and interactive curricula for a range of learners. Content in Language Arts Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Math, and Consumer Education can be used to support homeschool instruction, provide students with afterschool or summer skill building, high school equivalency, or help with ASVAB or ACT preparation. The curricula address many of the College and Career Readiness Standards and can be used independently or with parent supervision.

Each content area can be used as a stand-alone piece. Individual content areas are succinct, meaningful, and relevant. Combined, there are hundreds of self-paced lessons designed to promote critical thinking and college or workplace readiness. Since everything is online, you can determine your own flexible teaching and learning experience. The subscription model means you only need to pay for the content you want, creating an affordable and flexible resource.

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GED Ready™

i-Pathways is an official reseller of the GED Ready™ practice tests for the Series GED® Test.

ATTENTION STUDENTS: We are unable to sell to students at this time. Refer to your Adult Education Provider or GED® Testing Service.

To request a quote for GED Ready™ practice test vouchers, please click on the link below and fill out the requested information.

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