How do your earn your TASC Test™ Assessing Secondary Completion?

The TASC Test™ is a partnership between Data Recognition Corporation | CTB. It is a set of five tests — Mathematics, Writing, Reading, Social Studies, and Science.

The TASC Test™ is available in CA, CO, IL, IN, MS, NC, NJ, NV, NY, SC, TX, WV, and WY.

To pass the TASC Test™ you must be able to successfully demonstrate skills in the following areas:

Learn more about the test content and then explore the i-Pathways Sample Lessons.

i-Pathways provides the instruction and preparation for the TASC Test™ Exam in each content area and you can prepare for the test by enrolling in an adult education program or at home, but it is important to note the exam cannot be taken online. The official TASC Test™ Exam must be taken at an official testing center. Each test can be taken individually, or all at one time.

i-Pathways is an online curriculum that provides students with the opportunity to set an individual study schedule and prepare for all portions of the High School Equivalency Exam. Each content area includes multiple lessons, activities, and learning checks to assess your skills. Math begins with understanding place value and goes all the way to understanding quadratic equations. Writing begins with understanding sentences and guides you all the way through being successful with essays. Science and Social Studies covers all the content needed to be successful on these portions of the exam. The i-Pathways program works on any device you have that will connect to the Internet. This includes desktops, cell phones, or tablet devices.

Other options are available for accessing i-Pathways to prepare for the TASC Test™ test including deployments for Programs and Organizations, Correctional Education, Offline Education, and Home Schooling. Review all the ways to access i-Pathways.

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